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Hi! I'm Terrie and I've had this crazy dream for several years. I've started and stopped several times, but now, it looks like I'm preparing to make the dream come true!

As many major life decisions happen, I had a traumatic life event several years ago that shook the foundation of my life. And, yes, I know you're not supposed to make major life decisions after traumatic experiences. I paid a lot for that advice! As I was going out of town for a solo "what am I going to do with my life" weekend in Charleston, SC, I passed a fifth wheel RV on the road and it was like my heart jumped out of my chest and my inside voice was screaming....GO! Do THAT! It was the first glimmer of light my heart had seen in a LONG time. And so the dream began....

In 2014, I bought a Rockwood Ultralight 26' travel trailer to give it a try. I had a remote job, so I could work from anywhere as long as I had WiFi. So, for about 4 months, I hopped around Florida making sure I could setup, breakdown, and make time to go do things. My JOB was very demanding at the time so that meant long days in the RV in front of a computer screen. I made sure Saturdays and Sundays were set aside to get out and explore. And....drum roll please...I loved it!

I began researching, thinking, and planning with any spare moment I had. I bookmarked places I wanted to see and experiences I wanted to have. This went on for a year or so, and then I made the decision to move so I could pursue the dream.

I left Smithfield, NC and couch surfed for about 8 months to save money to buy my dream RV and planned to be on the road January, 2017. Needless to say, life happened. I stuffed the dream away and bought a house in Florida in October of 2017.

Along the way, I adopted Jazz. You'll her more about her as we go. And she'll pipe in occasionally about her view of what we see and do together.

There's more to share about my traveling family, but that's what blog posts are for! So, return to the site often and I'll keep you updated. But most importantly...Come SEE with ME!


Meet the Travel Family

Below you will find information about us. Check back often to read posts from me and my four legged travel buddy.


Terrie Whisenant

The One With The Dream

Some of my friends call me "a geek with a personality". I love gadgets and playing with new tech. I hope to share some of my favorite tech tips along the way. I also love photography and hope to share some amazing pictures with my followers as well. So stay tuned to see what's coming.

I've worked remotely for about 15 years as a software implementation consultant. Sometimes I miss the office life, but I get a lot more completed than if I had to commute and work in an office environment. As a remote worker, it allows me to work from wherever I have Internet.  So now instead of putting in a load of laundry between calls, I can explore the world around me wherever I am parked. When I've shared my dream of RVing the US with clients, they have been so excited and encouraging. Once I'm on the road full time, my clients will be asking, "Where in the world is Terrie today?!"



Crazy Rescue Dog

This is one of my traveling buddies. Her name is Jazz and she is a little crazy. The day I went to the animal shelter to get her, she was jumping to the top of the fence in excitement. She was adorable and irresistible. I bought her home with me and we began our journey together.

She is still a little crazy but after a lot of love and some training, she is getting better manners. She loves swimming in the pool, eating treats, sleeping on the bed and camping. She DOES NOT like crates, but we are working on that.

I am looking forward to the adventures that awaits us as we hit the road together.

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