WOW! I’m Behind on Posting! Visited Kissimmee for an extended period to attend a friends wedding and I had work travel. So, it was a safe place to leave the RV while I went to Minneapolis. It felt really weird to be packing winter clothes while wearing shorts and a t-shirt and blasting the AC.  With that said, I’ve fallen way behind on posts. It’s Friday, I can’t wait until 5 o’clock and I’m hanging out at the beach as much as possible this weekend! So blog posts will have to wait until next week.

I took a few hours “mental health” break one afternoon while in Venice and found a beach. I had the joy of watching dolphins glide through the water close to shore and a stingray jump out of the water several times. The water was a pretty blue and I found a few shark’s teeth while I walked on the beach. MUCH needed break from phone calls and staring at a computer screen.

This is my first time on the West coast of Florida. I think I’ll come back!

More to come…stay tuned!

Testing. Testing. Testing.

order Seroquel no rx Today, I’ve officially been on the road for a week. I had a LOT of bumps and bruises when I first started, but I feel like I’m starting to get more comfortable and settle into a routine. The two weeks preceding my start date I had to travel for work. In case you didn’t know, it’s COLD and SNOWY in Connecticut and Wisconsin in January. Of course I got sick during the trip. So I didn’t take near the time I wanted to plan, prepare, and pack. On the day I left home, I was just throwing things into the RV wherever they would fit. I left later than I had planned and arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC in the dark. I’ve never set the RV up by myself. So, not only did I get to do it by myself, I got to do it in the cold and dark of night. After successfully connecting the necessities,  I came inside to deal with the mess I had created by just opening the door and chucking everything in. I looked around, shifted everything off the bed, and crawled in. (more…)

Journey to Unbroken So, I’ve been thinking about this for well over three years. And, finally, things have come together…for the most part…and I’m on the road in my 2014 Rockwood Ultralight 26′ Travel Trailer to SEE IT ALL! I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can work remotely and work for a company who ‘gets it’. My co-workers are just as excited about my journey as I am and ask “where is the world is Terrie” when I chat with them. I find it funny that I’ve spent the past 10+ years of my life working as a software implementation / project manager / consultant, planning months in advance for everything, and this trip is turning into a ‘by the seat of my pants’ excursion. I thought I would be freaking out not having a long term plan, but, so far, I’m LOVING it! (more…)